Cookbook Tuesdays: Metropolitan Life Insurance

Whoops, I missed a week of Take A Peek Wednesdays, where I scan and post some vintage advertising gem. To make up for it, or in other words, completely unrelated, let’s start Cookbook Wednesdays, wherein I feature some or another vintage cookbook in my collection, shall we?

We shall.

Here we have two copies of the Metropolitan Cook Book, graciously provided as freebies  (originally; I had to buy them) by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The one directly below is from February of 1948 and on the back is rubber stamped with the insurance agent’s contact info (Wayne Campbell, 4324 Sheridan, GE. 1893). The foreword states that the recipes included are intended to balance both budget and health, and includes a page or two of recipes to be made with leftover meats. I’m particularly fond of the meal planning advice that “at least two vegetables, in addition to potatoes, should be used in every day’s meals.” Yum! I do love my veg. I also love this blue and red grid design. And look at that lettering!



Below is the June, 1953 edition with The World’s Most Adorable Food on the cover. This edition dismisses with the foreword but is illustrated inside, with more food items so happy to provide you with quality noms. I mean really, have you ever seen happier muffins than those on the cover of this booklet? I should think not.


As usual, clicking on the images will enlargify. Back next week with more! Or tune in tomorrow for some vintage advertising goodness.

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