Take a Look-See: WD, Nov 1968

Not much time to write any back-story for you today, but I can tell you that the following advertisements are all from the November, 1968 issue of Women’s Day. Click on images to enlarge.

KiNDNESSâ„¢ Instant Hairsetters by Clairol
Shimmering Chandelier would still look nice today!
Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet and Brooch. I have my grandmother's, although it predates this one by nearly two decades.
Win Schiaparelli furs…from Wyler's! I always think "jaguar coat" when I'm mixing up a cup of instant bouillon, don't you?
"High-fashion beauties for a low-fashion budget." Heck, it's 43 years later and I still can't afford some of these!



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