Cookbookery: Big Boy Barbecue Book

Yesterday, I promised my Facebook followers (and IG and Twitter) a post dedicated to one of my newest finds: the Big Boy Barbecue Book: Shows how easy it is to cook on Spit or Grill. And so here you go!

Published in 1957 by the “Tested Recipe Institute” with the “cooperation” of the Big Boy Mfg. Co., this spiral-bound booklet is filled with…well, it’s filled with instructions for using a Big Boy grill or any of the possible Big Boy accessories, such as the (snicker, giggle) Big Boy Electro-Rod briquet fire starter. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of helpful hints to be found, but you have to push through the Big Boy propaganda.

One full page describes the many benefits of barbecuing at home, including this gem:

That’s right, wifey has only to make a salad and dessert! Here’s the first of 4 dessert recipes included in the booklet:

Yup, that shouldn’t require any kitchen time or clean-up!

For those of you hoping that this gem of a book will find its way to the shop, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This one has already been claimed, but I’ll try to make some equally interesting items from my cookbook collection available in the future.

As Julia Child would say, Bon Appétit!

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