Not Today’s Post

That is, today’s post was intended to be something else. But it requires a lot of scanning and merging, and I was busy with other things. For instance, did you see the HELLO, ALFRED SHAHEEN silver Lurex pants I posted at Tiddleywink Vintage today? Because they are stellar.

No, today you get a recap of a conversation I had with my friend Erin of Theda Bara’s Vintage Boudoir while we were out together hunting for goodies for our shops. In what seems like a typical day for us lately, she found a bag full of goodies and I, well…

Donut-All batter dispenser by Nordic Ware

Me: I’m getting this. For myself.

Erin: Are you going to make donuts?

Me: Well, I’m not making them without this.

Now on the not-so-immediate hunt for a good fried donut recipe. I probably have a few pinned on Pinterest already. If you have a favorite, please let me know!

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