Prominent Designer Series: part 1

On Friday I promised you a new series this week, and here we go! For the next 2 weeks I’ll be posting daily images from a vintage broadsheet-style catalog I have of Prominent Designer Patterns. There is no printed date, and an online search for individual patterns usually dates each one to “1950s,” but I think overall they look more early ’60s. Of course, some of these patterns may have been in print for a few years. If you have more specific information about any of these, please be sure to share in the Comments!

As always, you can click on the images for embiggerationing.

Prominent Designer Pattern mail-order series

As I type this out, none of these individual patterns are in stock at Winkorama, however I can find a few here and there when searching online. May the vintage juju be with you if you fall in love with any of these!

Brigance A844 Shapely bodice for sheath
Oleg Cassini M276 Dress with bolero-effect bodice

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