Prominent Designer Series: part 10

Ta-da! We’ve reached the 10th and final installment of this here Prominent Designer Series of vintage sewing pattern illustrations. Our final day brings us dresses designed by Alan Phillips, designer “for the well known house of Rembrandt,” and John Weitz, winner of the 1959 Designer of the Year award for his achievements in designing sportswear. Weitz also won the prestigious Coty Award in 1974. His men’s style book, Man in Charge: The Executive’s Guide to Grooming, Manners, and Travel, made bestseller lists the same year.

Alan Phillips M380 – Dress and jacket (1960)
John Weitz A723 – Easy to sew, drawstring waist dress

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Tune in next time, when we bring you, ah, something! There’s a delicious recipe in store for Monday. À bientôt!

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