Handbag Week! Day 5 (finally)

Our week of handbags continues, in chronological order. We lingered on the ’40s and ’50s this week, but today, our final day, the pace is back on track. Get ready for a whirlwind of purses bringing us up into the 2000s! Clicking on any image will bring up a somewhat larger view for detail study.

Evening bag with white and green rhinestones, Caméléon, 1960s
Bamboo handbag with textile interior, Italy, 1970s
Brass and velvet box bag, Lou Taylor, 1980s
Round two-tone leather shoulder bag, French Moon, 1996
Leather bucket bag with unique handle, Aisa Lafour, 2003

This wraps up our Handbag series, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’ll be back on Monday with…something!

CREDITS: Photography by Jenna Bascom and Ken Music Photography. All handbags shown here are from the collection of Tassenmuseum Hendrikje/Museum of Bags and Purses, Amsterdam.

One Reply to “Handbag Week! Day 5 (finally)”

  1. I had a purse a day calendar a few years ago and I think the images were from the same collection! Some were just too cool… of course, others were so odd… to each their own.


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