Kitchen Pr0n

Oooh, Baby, is that a Microplane in your pocket or…

No, that just doesn’t work. Wrong on so many levels. Let’s just get right to the meat of the matter (hey, that’s better) and see what “new” equipment we have here in the ShoesAndPieTest Kitchen! (Clicking photos will biggerize them)

First up: A Norpro gravy separator. I’ve occasionally considered that having one of these would be handy, but it became somewhat of a necessity for some particular recipe I made a while back, and I had to work my way around removing the fat from a sauce without having time to let it cool. I since bought this, and was immediately disappointed when I removed it from the box. I’m sure it would perform the intended task quite well, but the handle is so uncomfortable that I plan to return it as soon as I find the receipt. My grandmother (or maybe it’s my mom) has or had a pretty Pillivuyt gravy boat/separator for years and years. I’ll see if that one is “available,” or buy my own.

Next: This embossed and yet unidentifiable pie pan. A search for “FK pie pan” brings up a myriad of Fire King bakeware, which this obviously is not. If you have any information, please share in the comments! I got it because it’s a smaller diameter pan than usual, and will be easier to tote around when that sort of thing is necessary. Don’t ask how many pie pan I have. I swear, I’m done buying them now.

Another: Is there such a thing as cute ice? Yes, when it’s made in this vintage Icicles (An Admiration Product) tray! The tray freezes 84 tiny little cones at a time. Sort of like having crushed ice without the need for a crusher.

Finally: Ooooh, a genuine Microplane grater/zester! I’ve had a less-efficient zester for years, but when one of the metal teeth thingies broke off I decided it was time for an upgrade before the next one broke off in my food. This number zests a lemon with ease (see resulting lemony cake here) and can also be used on ginger, nutmeg, hard cheese too! My other zester couldn’t make that claim. I had my choice of handle colors, but of course the Test Kitchen gets red. Again: ooooooh.

What’s your favorite new or new-to-you kitchen gadget?

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