Clearance sale! Get yer vintage pretties here!


Clear it out, clear it aaaall out.

2016 marks my 10th “Etsyversary,” and as many of you may have noticed, the Etsy shop update activity has been more sloth-like than that of a gazelle. It’s not that I don’t have a lot (a lot) of inventory, but with my move back into the daily-grind workforce, I simply don’t have the time to attend to it.

But there is that inventory. Enter: Wink Warehouse. A clearance outlet for all things Tiddleywink Vintage. No models, no DSLR, no studio, no retouching, no steaming, no mending, no frills. My goal here is threefold: rediscover the far side of my storage space, make back my investment, and get these beauties out into the world where they belong. And all in the most efficient way possible. (Yes, you must have an Instagram account in order to participate. Now all of you Facebook people know how it feels.)

I’ll post as frequently as I can but there’s no set schedule. I’m hoping to add new items every week. And as always, let me know if there’s anything specific you’re searching for. I just may have it!

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