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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Russian Olive


The first couple of years that I lived in Boulder, I lived in a (relatively) newer development on the south end of town. While the local landscape was lush and somewhat marshy (in fact, I think some was designated Open Space), the invasive plants hadn’t yet grabbed hold. So the first time I really smelled Russian Olive was on a camping trip to Moab over a Memorial Day weekend. The aroma was intoxicating, and is one of the most distinct memories I have of that trip. I didn’t know what it was at the time, I just knew that I couldn’t get enough.


Years passed, addresses changed over and over, and I finally wound up with an older apartment on some property that, if it wasn’t actually PLANTED with Russian Olive, had long ago been taken over by it. By then, I knew it was pretty as well redolent of early summer. Also, that it’s invasive and would handily choke out the native flora.


So now I know I’ll never plant it, and if I happen to discover it on any property I ever own, I’ll dutifully attempt to remove it. For now, I’m confined in the all-paved urb-burbs, with nary a plant in sight. Russian Olive doesn’t stand a chance out here.


Leaving work today, a breeze from the direction of the park’s irrigation canal brought with it the scent of Russian Olive. And I was immediately back in Moab, smiling.


9:06 PM


Saturday, May 20, 2006 

Roller Dolls


I went to watch the Denver Roller Dolls bout last night, and it was as entertaining as it sounds. Met new friends, saw great tattoos, enjoyed good conversation, bought the t-shirt. Got home late, woke up too damn early.


I have a showing today, which forces the laundry issue. Running out of underwear was also forcing the laundry issue, but I can always buy more to get me by. 🙂 Anyway, a panicked frenzy of cleaning today (which always emphasizes just how too-large my place is for me) and I’ll likely be shopping for a new storm door whilst strangers poke around my place this afternoon. If’n this all works out and the strangers make an offer (no breath being held there), Reid says there’s a great place in his Cheeseman Park neighborhood that I should take a look at. That would be loverly. Also, the place in north Denver that I’ve had my cyber-eye on for months has dropped its price again. My first instinct is that something is wrong with it, but nothing is wrong with MY place and I’ve been on the market for 10 months!


Coincidentally, running a test to see how many peeps (who know me) catch the flaw in my profile photo. If you figure it out, message me – but don’t post your guesses where others can see.


11:15 AM


Thursday, May 18, 2006

trivial observations



  • The sweet, sweet nectar that is vanilla Coke is greatly diminished when consumed immediately following curry.
  • Kevin Bacon is a fox.
  • So is Harry Connick, Jr.
  • Will & Grace, though I only watched it sporadically over the years, was a really good show.
  • In the past week, four different people at work have told me that I’m appreciated. That’s incredibly nice, particularly during this review week when I’m feeling very “meets performance requirements.” I prefer to exceed. 🙂


The dinner:

Mix equal parts curry powder and prepared mustard (approx. 2 Tb of each) and rub all over a pork tenderloin. Grill for about 10 minutes per pound. Let sit before slicing. Serve with chutney. Yummers. Bet it’s good on chicken, too.


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Monday, May 08, 2006

random musings


Did I mention that I accidentally locked Rocket in a closet for 14 hours on Friday? I feel awful. She didn’t “soil” anything, but my clothes are a wreck and the carpet is trashed from her trying to dig her way out. Also, her paws are sore (from same, I suppose) and her face was swollen (from trying to push her way out through the gap in the door?). She’s been more inseparable than usual ever since.


I planted an artichoke yesterday. We’ll see what happens. I had gone to the garden center to buy a window box and some flowers for it (also accomplished, but not y
et planted) and the artichoke looked so tempting. And, since it requires full sun and will therefore be on the front side of my house, the spikeyness (sp?) is attractive. Those who know of my tomato fiasco of last year will understand why.


I think of dear Tomi daily, but with the anniversary of his death drawing nearer, it seems more poignant. I think I’m angry that it’s been so long. Seven years in June. I still don’t have the answers I want, and I never will. I know that. And hate that. I’m all about answers. But I think I’m still waiting for a chance to say good-bye properly. I don’t know what that entails, exactly. Seeing him in person, I guess, which poses a metaphysical problem. Maybe I’d have better “closure” if I had been able to go to the funeral. Anyway, so I’m thinking about Tomi last night, and wondering how Ferenc and Maria are doing, and Gabe and the kids, just staring into space, listening to my fountain, and realizing that there are tears streaming down my face. (Where do tears come from? Where is this extra liquid hanging out until then?) Deciding that was no way to go to bed, I picked up a Sara Vowell book off my shelf to lighten my spirits. The first page of the first story I read is about her growing up in Bozeman. Dammit.


Another odd dream last night; this one about Chris’ wedding day. I wasn’t supposed to be there (of course) but he and I had been hanging out before Christine (in the dream, Lori) got home from work (even in the dream, it bothered me that they would get married on a Friday and she would go to work that day) so I had to scramble through the clothes I had left there (?? — including a pair of jeans I didn’t recognize, but knew by the 01 size that they were my sister’s) to try to find something vaguely appropriate while he rushed to make dessert pizzas that would fool her into thinking that he hadn’t been loafing around. Oh, and they had finally added a second floor to the house. It looked really good.


Is it a full moon or something?


9am meeting today, I’d best tootle along. Note: the best thing about buying clothes over the weekend is knowing exactly what you’ll be wearing on Monday. 🙂


7:23 AM


Saturday, May 06, 2006



For those of you unfamiliar with Phish, the lyrics of the song, in their entirety, are:

When you’re there, I sleep lengthwise

And when you’re gone

I sleep diagonal in my bed


For some O/C reason, I do try to sleep lengthwise. But I wake up diagonally. Maybe it’s indicative of the path my life is taking. Currently less linear, and more, um, “out there” than I’ve been in a long time. I went out last night! And I’m going out again tonight! And perhaps on Sunday!


On the other hand, I’m feeling terribly scattered and disorganized.


10:26 AM 

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

general updates


Unca Dave was released from the hospital on Thursday! Yay! Physical therapy 3x/week for a period of time unknown by me.


Only slightly related: t.’s response to my telling him about Dave was, um, brief? I don’t know how to describe it. A mutual friend, reading over my shoulder, commented aloud that it was “weird.” And there has been no contact from him since. I guess he figures that if Dave’s situation had progressed poorly, he would have heard from me. Which is true.


I’m getting much better about the breakup, though. I can now go for stretches of whole minutes at a time when I don’t think of him. 🙂 (Adrian is now rolling his eyes and if within reach, would throttle me. I will have to assure him off-blog that I am kidding about the minutes.)


Dad is in town! Oh so briefly, though. He leaves for home in an hour-ish. Upon his arrival on Friday, we dined with Amy at Bang! on 32nd. Dad and I fully intended to go to the Edward Weston show that night, but it was getting late and we were both so tired. We went yesterday instead, and avoided the previous night’s crowd. Lunch at Wynkoop, a trip to the DAM to see the progress of the expansion, a trip to Suavecito’s down on Santa Fe, dinner at Jewel. Lots of loafing and reading in between. I’ve been so busy for so long, I have no idea what I’ll do with an empty house. Probably go out and price laminate flooring…


8:33 AM


Thursday, April 27, 2006

I’m home!


and it feels so good!


Megan had called ahead to Joe to let him know that she’d offered to drop me off at the Park N Ride on their way home, saving me the bus trip. Not only did Joe meet us INside the airport, but he brought flowers (and candy bars) for BOTH of us! What a total sweetheart.


anyway, with Megan in charge of the day, we finally had some good grub (and excellent service) at Beans & Barley in downtown Milwaukee. We got to the art museum at just the right time to see the “wings” open, and buzzed through the good stuff in about three hours. The current special exhibit is comic book art, but it doesn’t open to the general public until Saturday. It’s museum members only right now. 😦 I’ll be sure to go if I have another trip before it closes.


tired. going to bed.


9:52 PM


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

it’s been three days, sir


MySpace lost my whole f***ing blog entry! f***ers.

okay, in summary:

1. Python reference in title

2. way past original schedule. to be expected.

3. planned fine dining did not occur. local food blows.

4. M’s parents are cool

5. Culver’s custard is yummy

6. M is a terrific asset to this trip, and will be sorely missed when I’m on my own

7. tired; up since 5; hours to go

8. tomorrow’s plans include art museum, riverwalk

9. should i buy Wisconsin or Milwaukee t-shirt at airport shop?


8:36 PM


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I forgot about the lap dance


“I’m naked, I’m on your lap, and I’m singing…”

…shoot, it was something by Blondie. Nice choice, Pat. It was like you knew me!

I was told I turned a new shade of red.


6:36 PM


Sunday, April 23, 2006

sunday’s activites


Hmmm, it would seem that Milwaukee is plagued with the same generic boxes that Westminster is filled with. That being said, tonight Megan took me to Club Paragon, a smoky, divey, beer-swilling, dart-throwing venue at which to see Pat McCurdy who puts on one hell of a show. Butcher, you should try to see him when you’re next in town. Sit back, have a Leinie, and enjoy yourself.


Oh, ya, and we had fried cheese curds. I kept my promise to Deven. 🙂



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The Big, Bright Beautiful World of Pat McCurdy 

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Who’da thunk?


Who would have thought that changing my profile photo to one of me hacking away at leftover ham would have spurred the bizarre influx of messages (read: come-ons) that I’ve been receiving from bodybuilding halfwits? Sorry, that’s mean. They’re probably fully-witted but simply didn’t take advantage of the public education that was offered them.


Request to my male friends out there: am I missing something?


2:52 PM


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Little Muskrat Place


Although the exact etymology of the name is uncertain, “Wisconsin” is thought to be an English version of a French adaptation of an Indian word. It may come from the Ojibwe word Miskwasiniing, meaning “Red-stone place,” which was probably the name given to the Wisconsin River, and was recorded as Ouisconsin by the French and changed to its current form by the English. The modern Ojibwe name, however, is Wiishkoonsing or Wazhashkoonsing, meaning “muskrat-lodge place” or “little muskrat place.” Other theories are that the name comes from words meaning “Gathering of the Waters” or “Great Rock.”Ya, sure. Lead me to them there, ah, cheese curds don’tcha know.


I should soooo be asleep right now. I’ve got an early morning ahead.


10:04 PM


Monday, April 17, 2006



Mandy is in town, which is absolutely fabulous. I picked her up at the airport Thursday night, and we went with Amy to dinner at The Coral Room. I’ve taken the time off from work, so Friday was a little shopping, a little Feaster prep, the botanic gardens (lovely), all followed by dinner on Amy’s deck.


Saturday was a lazy morning leading up to dim sum with the regulars and some possible soon-to-be regulars? And a serendipitous run-in with an acquaintance whom I haven’t seen in years. Fun times. Mandy and I originally planned to dine on sushi, followed by a performance at The Arvada Center but we “settled” for sushi alone. Namiko’s for those of you (Deven) who are interested. Best tuna nigiri I’ve had in a loooong time.


Sunday was prep prep prep for Feaster al fresco. It was lovely to see everyone. I really do have nice friends. I could have made better introductions among them, though. “Deb, this is Skane. Skane has thru-hiked the AT. Skane, Deb is an engineer from MIT.” “Paul, this is Connie. Connie considered living in Bali. Connie, Paul works for NREL.” Oh, well. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.


Today was BodyWorlds 2. At least, it was supposed to be. After making three attempts to buy tix online before finding an open slot, we finally trekked down with confirmation letter in hand. However, the power had just gone out in that section of town and no-one was being admitted to the museum. We hit an architectural salvage warehouse instead, but the second warehouse of its type (and the one officially on our itinerary today) was closed. Lunch at Tamayo and some tasty gelato from Gelazzi gave us the energy to carry on. A long, luxurious trip to Meininger’s and a little mid-century shopping along Broadway was just the thing to fill out the day before heading home.


Tomorrow is scheduled for NCAR and some Boulder-ness. Whee!


6:08 PM


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Unca Dave, pt. II


After enough “no news,” I called my dad this morning. Dave is improving, and is expected to be out of the hospital in three days or so. They then expect anywhere from six weeks to six months of recovery time. When he’s healthy enough, they’ll start looking into what’s up with his heart.


There was a misunderstanding somewhere along the way; his heart attack actually predated the meningitis. He just didn’t realize he’d had one (or perhaps a few).


So right now he’s on an IV for hydration and antibiotics, he’s tired, and he’s in pain from the meningitis. And of course there’s the whole heart issue. Other than that, he’s fine. 🙂




8:16 AM


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Unca Dave


That’s “Unca,” not “Uncle.” My sister and I are long past old enough to just call him Dave, but it sort of flows as all one word after all this time. Uncadave. Besides, I think he likes it.


Unca Dave is my dad’s younger brother. He’s the quintessential blonde surfer with a closet full of guitars. I still can’t think of him as being a day over 26. My grandparents’ house had the perfect rehearsal space for a garage band, so he was always in one. I still have a couple of their posters. And he had a pachinko machine in his room when he was a teenager, he would sometimes let me in to play. When he could be bothered with his brother’s little kid. 🙂


Unca Dave is in the hospital. He came down with some freak case of meningitis, and while in the hospital having a spinal tap, he had a heart attack. The doctors say the heart attack is unrelated, but that doesn’t ease my concern in any way. He’s relatively young and healthy; what the hell is he having a heart attack for?


My dad has assured me that Dave will be okay. Michelle, Dave’s wife, says he’s been moved from the ICU to the “heart unit” and has developed pneumonia, which they tell me is pretty normal in a hospital. Dad flew out earlier today. I’m waiting for a phone call or email with an update. I guess no news is good news.


10:26 PM


Monday, April 10, 2006

dammit dammit dammit


The largest needle I could find, from the damn KNITTING section of the craft supply store, isn’t large enough to handle the cording I’m determined to work into this painting. I’ve tried splitting the cord, but it tears when unspun. This derails me for another day.




9:52 PM


the view from inside my comfortable box


I have been making a concerted effort recently to Get Out. So far, I’m enjoying myself. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.


While I’m still not a big fan of large groups, I did almost attend a dinner opportunity with a pile of strangers on Friday. I was waylaid by a very welcome houseguest, so the dinner didn’t happen for me. I am scheduled to attend a birthday party that will be chock-full of strangers during an upcoming weekend. It remains to be seen if my head will explode. Exploding head syndrome may also be a result of said birthday party being held at The Reef, a dueling piano bar for those not in the know.


If, perchance, Someone Who Stares Danger In The Face To Prove Himself Invincible is reading this, I don’t actually condone riding lidless. In sandals, no less. Signed, She Who Takes No Risks. 🙂


Really must paint now…


8:17 PM


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Off The Radar


I feel a little out of touch this week, as I spend every free moment catching up on two years of a webcomic that I only just stumbled across on Monday.


Right now, drop everything and visit both Questionable Content and IndieTits. What are you still doing here? Go!


Also note: mousing over IndieTits comics will bring up bonus author commentary! Whee!


8:33 AM


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ode to -my- G


My G is the hard-hitting G

of Graphics Goddess

and Google Guru,

not some J

with an identity crisis,

no squishy gelatine

or servile genuflecting

for my G.


8:19 AM


Sunday, April 02, 2006



I’m determined to begin this week on a spiritual high, which is in stark contrast to the deep funk I was in yesterday. As a result, this blog entry guarantees to be somewhat disordered.


I have been blessed with many gifts during the last few days, and dammit, I’d better cherish them:


I sold a necklace on my etsy site before it had even been posted for 24 hours. After the shipping fees (I’m offering free shipping through April 12) and listing fees and PayPal Premiere fees, I don’t think I made any profit. But it feels good that something went so quickly. And if anyone is interested, there are two more very similar items available… 🙂


I had an impromptu grilled dinner with Skane on Tuesday. The weather, the food, and the company were all a pleasant and unexpected experience.


I was given a promotion on Thursday, one that I’d been fighting for for quite some time. Not only did they give me everything I had asked for, but the final decision was preceded by my “boss” telling me how much my work is valued. And that really does count for a lot – when it’s backed up. 🙂


I finally met, in person, someone whom I’ve come to trust and respect via our online conversations. And Deven is just as he represents himself; smart, funny, engaging. It was a pleasure.


timber and I had a talk yesterday that I hope is the catalyst for a clean slate. If only we didn’t get along so well, this might be easier for both of us. But then, it would be hard in different ways. There are no shortcuts. I’ll choose to be glad that we’re working through sorrow rather than anger.


From Ursa: You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.


I was so close to backing out of attending my friend’s gallery opening (plug for Doja here), but decided to “force” myself. And I had a great time. It was so good to see Jonathan, and I met some people who seem fun and interesting.


I came across a themed Call for Entries, and it just so happens that I have two paintings that have been looking for precisely this particular inspiration before completion. I’m excited to get back to it and enter them.


10:10 AM

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Art Director


and it’s about damn time.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006



So I took off a Certain Ring a week or so ago. It had no significant meaning, really. Simply a lovely ring that matched a lovely necklace that I also can’t seem to wear any more. Not a big deal.


But it felt weird. Wrong. My hand was all… naked. So when I was wearing my jump-ring tool on that finger last night, it was perfectly natural to forget to take it off. And I only remove my rings for showering, not for sleeping.


When I woke up this morning, I had this tiny, icky rash on my finger. It’s itchy and red. Ointment to the rescue, I hope. Bleh.


8:07 AM 


Saturday, March 18, 2006

if i’m ever in a band…


When I was a young lass listening to glossy hair metal bands back in the ’80s, my dad came into my room one evening and said, “There’s nothing that any of these bands are doing that Led Zeppelin didn’t do first, and better.” Even at the time, I knew he was right.


Fast forward 20 (OH. MY. GOD.) years, to what is currently playing on MTV’s Headbangers’ Ball, and then driving home tonight and hearing Seek & Destroy on the radio. You know, there’s nothing that any of these bands are doing that Metallica didn’t do first, and better.


If I’m ever in a band, I want to cover Seek & Destroy. Lyrically shallow, but musical genius. 1983. Brill.


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Kill ‘Em All 

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Friday, March 17, 2006



Having to maintain enough sobriety to drive safely home makes for a relatively dull St. Patrick’s Day.


On the other hand, so does staying home.(I live far too far from anywhere to take a cab)


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Scissor Sisters 

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A “doi” moment


A few years back, when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was the hottest show around, a female friend of mine “admitted” to me that she thought one of the Fab Five was particularly cute. I mentioned that his sexual preference was probably the least likely thing keeping them apart, and we had a nice chuckle.Fast forward to tonight: Disc 1 of the Queer As Folk series shows up from Netflix. The opening credits are full of half-naked, mostly-sweaty guys. And I’m thinking to myself “but this is about gay guys” – and then I had my “doi” moment. There’s considerably more clothing once the show starts, but still. I did get to see at least one nekkid bum. Three episodes watched. I look forward to the next disc. 🙂


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

baked taters


why oh why are baked potatoes sooooo much better than microwaved potatoes? Rhetorical, really. I do sort of understand the chemistry. I could just as well ask “why do baked potatoes take sooooo much longer than microwaved” but I know the answer to that as well.


doesn’t mean I have to like it, though.


8:47 PM


Friday, March 10, 2006

Come A Cropper


It’s not that I’m unfamiliar with the idioms “come a cropper” and “fag’s end”, but I am surprised to have heard them spoken by BBC World News political analysts discussing Parliamentary election reform.


11:34 PM


I wrote him an email


fraught with emotion. i only got a sentence or two in before i deleted it.


last night, Mary said that we keep getting the same lesson until we learn from it. she wasn’t talking to me, but it struck a chord. i’m trying to learn, i’m trying so hard to do the opposite of every instinct i have. i’m not calling, i’m not writing, i’m not replying to him. it feels awful.


I really miss telling him about stuff. And, as I continue to cut him off, I hate not hearing about stuff from is this better for me?


6:43 AM


Monday, March 06, 2006

Cheese Review: Purple Moon


Purple Moon by Fiscalini Farmstead (California)Wild Oats (Westminster), $12.99/lb.”Cabernet soaked cheddar”. There’s a sticker on it that indicates that it’s a Gold Medal Winner, but it doesn’t indicate which contest that may have been. It’s an eggplant color, but slicing into it reveals a milk-colored core. I guess they really do soak it. The cabernet flavor is pleasantly strong. Sort of like a wine-and-cheese party, without the hassle of a glass. Well paired with the water crackers I had in the pantry. I’d recommend it.


8:14 PM


spring cleaning

I love him i miss him i love him i miss him i love him i miss him… do i know what love is?


maybe writing it down will clear it out of my head. 😐


listening to the mariachi thudding of the party next door. why do polkas have the same beat? BOOM boom BOOM boom BOOM boom…


7:37 PM


Sunday, March 05, 2006

it’s an addiction


So, how to follow up an unsuccessful (in terms of sales) show? Why, go to the Gem & Jewelry Expo and spend lots of money buying more supplies! (albeit at really good prices, and at vendors selling in the “wholesale only” section, which isn’t open to the public, ain’t I snooty) The shows, both buying and selling, did encourage me to get my stuff up on my site, so I’ve at least gotten a good jump on that today. No shopping cart or anything fancy like that, but some photos, some descriptions, some prices. My contact information is there if anyone has a query about purchasing. Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the orders to pour in, heh-heh. 🙂


Oh, and that bracelet that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog? I saw the clasp at the gem expo — it was $158. Just the CLASP. That’s assuming she got the wholesale price. The beads she was using were Hill Tribe silver, which is about $1.49 a gram if you buy it locally. At the expo, it was closer to $.60 a gram. Still, she probably had at least $50 worth of beads on that $158 clasp (I bought enough to make a few pairs of earrings; it cost me $70). I didn’t ask her what she was selling it for, becau
se I knew at a glance that I couldn’t afford it. Heck, I couldn’t afford to MAKE it.


Anyway, summer is just around the corner, so I acquired a little mother-of-pearl and four different kinds of coral. And many, many pearls, to add to the many, many pearls I haven’t strung yet. And I finally bought the 2mm sterling rounds I’ve been bitching about to anyone within earshot. I should have purchased some gold, but ran out of time (I had no idea how big this thing was going to be). And a bought a gorgeous two-strand box clasp made out of a beautiful piece of an old sari. I’ll make the poor-man’s version of that bracelet!


5:46 PM


Saturday, March 04, 2006

results of Public Show No. 1


Well, I sold enough to cover my booth fee. I was only one of a few jewelery artisans, but only one other person had stuff similar to mine. Hers was, for the most part, a little “safer” in design. Mine is a little more experimental, as I get the feel for my materials. We chatted a bit; she’s be doing this for 7 or 8 years now, and is in a few boutiques. She also has a functioning web site, whereas mine simply has a polite apology and is in need of a redesign. She also had a better-trafficked location in the event space. Still she sold only about as well as I did, which was actually encouraging. The two girls in the booth next to hers seemed to be doing a bang-up job. Their stuff was full of youthful enthusiasm, and they offered an assortment of simple, affordable pendants. Their necklaces weren’t selling, but the pendants seemed moderately successful. Or maybe it was the cute switchplate covers they had. One woman had some beautiful stuff, and she claimed to have pretty brisk sales on Friday’s opening. Well, to be fair, she said she “sold out of most of [her] new stuff” — so she may have done really well, or she may have only had a few new pieces. I fell in lust with a pair of her earrings, but buying while I was trying to sell would have defeated the purpose of being there. She would do well with a web page, but doesn’t have one for some reason (Jonathan, if you’re reading this, I’ll give you her email and you can flaunt your web design skills). She had one bracelet that would look stunning on a friend of mine. Well, it looked stunning on me, but I would have trashed it. I’m too hard on stuff.


So anyway, a good experience overall. I may do it again next month, or at least for May.9:30, and long past time to look in the kitchen for the Magic Dinner Fairy…


9:16 PM


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Random assortment of stuff


been meaning to get to this for a couple of days; now it’s just a mishmosh of bits and pieces:


I’m official! I registered my business with the Colorado Department of Revenue on Monday! Now I can buy art stuff and not pay sales tax! Whee! Most fun I’ve ever had in a government office.


I finally sent my Big Huge Work Project out to prepress. It will come back to haunt me for color checks and post-last-minute rewrites, but I have a reprieve for a few days, at least. Concurrently, two of my three freelance clients are just about wrapping up their projects. I hear some people “sleep” and “see friends” during their free time. I think I might get that pedicure that I’ve been planning since last July.


Come to Art-O-Rama at 560 Santa Fe Drive during the Santa Fe Art District’s First Friday celebration this weekend. Admire my stuff. Buy my stuff. I work hard at it.


I’m trying very hard to stay away from my ex. Hanging out with him is fun and easy and comfortable, and clearly no good for me. I cry a lot.


Read PostSecret : Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives, by Frank Warren. Get it from your local library. Return it on time so that others may have their turn. You can finish it in a night, I promise. It just might change your life.


Lynn-with-two-NNs, if you happen to read this, I’m sorry that I haven’t written back. I swear to whomever, it’s on my list of Things To Do.


See that guy in the photo, the one all the way on the left? I haven’t seen him in ages. I’m pretty sure he didn’t intentionally hurt me, but what he did was (uncharacteristically) careless and thoughtless – or thought out and cruel. I miss him. Between him and my ex, I think I’ll be out of town for our mutual friends’ wedding reception. I don’t want to bring that kind of emotional baggage with me to such an event.


By typing this out, I’m avoiding printing out the photos for this weekend’s show. I don’t mind printing it, but cutting it all out and slipping it into the photo album sleeves is going to be a bitch. Now I’ll just have to do it later into the night.


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