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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Interlocken & Eldorado


There was yet another accident at the intersection where I was hit two years ago. The second (or is it third?) rollover that I know of, to say nothing of the numerous upright-impacts like my own. It happened shortly after 6, and the emergency vehicles were still cleaning up at 8:20 when I was last in the area.


How many people have to get hurt before the city finally puts a traffic light there?


The lawyer who looked over the damage listed on my police report was stunned that I was still walking and talking. I am very lucky.


8:47 PM 



truffle oil


Tonight, I asked a man to marry me. And while it’s true that I don’t even know his name, he can cook truffle-infused white polenta with cream, and he didn’t technically say no.


8:43 PM 


Thursday, November 17, 2005

dental update


My relief at the installation of my shiny, gold crown was short-lived. It was definitely too high, my bite was off, and I was living in a state of nearly constant irritation and/or pain. And still living on soup. More filing last night, and finally, my bite is back! I ate real FOOD last night! The dentist told me that I should still take it easy, but I look forward to eating Thanksgiving dinner.


I was awakend at 1:00 am by pain throbbing through my upper left jaw. Trudged down to the kitchen, took 2 Advil. Awakened again around 6 by pain in my upper RIGHT jaw. 2 more Advil. If I hadn’t been drilled down to the root on the 7th, I most certainly must have been on the 10th. I’m sensing a root canal in the near future.This does not bode well for my mood until then.


8:06 AM 



Man, this salt is crap!* **


While looking for Bali long peppers yesterday, I stumbled across Salt Traders. They sell SALT. Lots and lots of SALT. And while I find this funny, I also want to try a whole bunch of ’em.


* Chris Besett inadvertently came up with this header

 ** subject inspired by Deven’s terrific Ode to an Avocado blog


7:55 AM


Friday, November 11, 2005

Dental Re-tox?


My shiny gold crown was installed last night, and the reduction in pain from the ill-fitting temporary crown is quite a relief. Another two hours in the chair and my bite is still a little off, but I’ll give the swelling a few days to go down and see how it feels before going back for any more adjustments. Just a bit more squishy food so I don’t chomp too hard on that one tooth…


The dentist wound up giving me multiple shots of anaesthetic, and was concerned that the amount of pain I was in was indicative of the need for a root canal. I tried to tell him I simply have a very low threshold, but boy did he have me nervous! One Percoset before bed took the edge off, and I woke up feeling mostly fine. A bit sore, a bit tender, but nothing like the last few days. Yay!



12:52 PM


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

simple pleasures


Right now, at this very moment, the temperature outside is absolutely perfect for driving with the windows down and the heat on.



3:28 PM 


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dental Detox


Argh. I broke a way-back molar yesterday (number 15, for anyone with dental training), and had to go in for an emergency crown. After drilling and filing and causing me general discomfort for 2.5 hours, the dentist decided that the temp wasn’t ever going to be a good fit, and so A. is rushing the gold c
rown and B. is wondering if I could perhaps avoid chewing until the gold crown can be installed (Thursday night). So I’ve stocked up on soup (butternut squash and “stilton and white port luxury soup”) and cottage cheese and pudding (rice), and will have to put that giant steak back in the freezer.


I’m open to suggestions for my new gold-toothed gangsta name.



5:45 PM 


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

who the hell gets Pleurisy?


Me, it would seem. Sounds all Victorian, doesn’t it? Diagnosed on Thursday. Went out Friday; wound up heading home early and bagging all Saturday plans. And Halloween is my favorite! Poo. Better luck next year, I guess.


6:28 PM 

Blog Archive: October 2005

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

amusing, ca. 1905


from a 1905 edition of the Wehman Bros.’ New Book of Fun Magic and Mystery.


Many thanks to Gene Gable:


4:21 PM


Monday, October 17, 2005

the benefits of being single


1. I can read, in bed, as late as I want

2. No discussion required before making social plans

3. no condoms

4. I can sleep diagonally


7:58 AM 


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

positive thoughts



  • The light outside, right now at this very minute, is gorgeous.
  • I got a fabulous deal on my new headboard.
  • My cats are cute and fuzzy and will orbit around me when I get home.
  • It’s time to blow this popsicle stand.



6:00 PM 



negative thoughts



  • The lightpost by the front entrance (see blog of Sept. 30) is once again dead.
  • My pumpkin keeps falling off of my window ledge.
  • The popovers I made this morning didn’t pop over.
  • The ooh-how-clever bedroom lighting idea I nabbed from Ikea will likely not work as planned.




5:57 PM 


Monday, October 10, 2005



Disillusioned words like bullets bark

As human gods aim for their mark

Made everything from toy guns that spark

To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark

It’s easy to see without looking too far

That not much

Is really sacred.


While preachers preach of evil fates

Teachers teach that knowledge waits

Can lead to hundred-dollar plates

Goodness hides behind its gates

But even the president of the United States

Sometimes must have

To stand naked.


An’ though the rules of the road have been lodged

It’s only people’s games that you got to dodge

And it’s alright, Ma, I can make it.


10:40 AM 

Blog Archive: September 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005    just filling space

feeling a bit guilty for not writing a blog in so long. which i knew would happen, and was the reason i hadn’t started a blog in the first place.

just in case anybody wanted a follow-up, the meeting with timber (see blog #1) was pleasant and surprisingly comfortable. we went out to dinner (disappointing food) and then watched the recently-released Rock School documentary. i recommend it, by the way. i’ll list it below.

i found out last week that my ex (my previous ex, not my current ex, jeez they’re just stacking up) is engaged to the woman who was pivotal in our breakup. i was really surprised at how badly i felt, not for the long-ago demise of a relationship that should have ended even earlier, but at how crappy i felt about myself. timber, bless his too-rational-for-emotion soul, patched me up quite nicely. while that particular trait of his never did mesh well with my own too-emotional-to-be-rational self, it was key that night. good boy.

buy this woman’s t-shirts, they’re painfully accurate and hysterical:

the house is simply not selling. nobody is even looking. i’ll ride out this contract, and try again in spring. doesn’t anybody want a huge townhome in Westminster? i mean, yeah, i recently likened my neighborhood to Azkaban, but really, you’re not going to get this much space for the price anywhere else. and my HOA has actually been pretty busy fixing up the grounds. the lightpost by the front entrance has finally been rewired, the front porches were painted this week, the driveway was even being patched this morning. damn, NOW what am i going to bitch about? 🙂

5:57 PM


 Wednesday, September 21, 2005    here’s the thing

I’m a fan of the drop-in (though for some reason, I would never DREAM of dropping in on someone else).

And if my front door is open, I expect peeps who are my friends to feel comfortable knocking and then letting themselves in. (Occasionally, an unobservant neighbor lets themself in. Doi.)

But – and herein lies the rub – when I’m home alone, I don’t close the bathroom door. Extra work, and it ticks off the cats.

That’s all I’m saying.

6:07 PM


Monday, September 19, 2005    The cookies are out to get me.

So I finally got up the nerve to open another fortune cookie. This one reads “A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.” If you know me at all, you know that this is a personal attack.

The cookies are out to get me.

10:33 PM


Sunday, September 18, 2005   mean cookie

The last fortune cookie I opened read “Disregard previous cookie.”

I’ve been too startled to open any since.

1:18 PM 



Friday, September 16, 2005   Testing, testing, blog number one.

I have left myself with practically no time this morning to address this, my First Blog Entry Ever. Going to be a bit bogged down with freelance over the next week or so, which is good. Actually, it will be even better when I invoice for it.

Rocket, the tabby, bites her nails. It’s disgusting. It’s also quite annoying when she’s doing it at the foot of my bed an hour BEFORE my alarm clock is set to go.

I went in for a full round of laser blasts on my leg on Tuesday, and I think it’s working really well. The interim result is pretty nasty, though. Icky blisters will turn to slightly-less-icky scabs, but there’s lots of good things happening underneath; new cell growth and fresher, pinker skin.

The Car was broken into Tuesday night, but the damage was minimal and the theft even less so. I’m suddenly glad that I never swapped out the stock stereo for something fancier. Yay, iPod! I’m ecstatic that they jimmied the lock instead of breaking the window. Replacing the last one was spendy, and the new glass never fit the old weatherstripping well, resulting in a whistle at speeds over 25 MPH. No, it couldn’t carry a tune. 🙂

I’m supposed to get together with timber tomorrow, in an exchange of belated birthday presents and left-behind-post-breakup Stuff. My neighborhood is a cultural wasteland, but I hope to do it locally, because I know I’ll be crying in the car on the way home. Dammit. I think we’ve both been putting off the Stuff Exchange. I hate that I get so attached, that the return of a pillow could be so fraught with Symbolism. On the other hand, I do really want my pillow back. It’s a good one.

Shoot, I had a fabulous idea for making today’s lunch as I was heading up to bed last night, so of course I’ve forgotten it. Time to try to piece it back together.

9:20 AM