Take A Look-See: Oh So Tasty Edition

Here’s a quick post for you tonight. From the July, 1950 edition of National Geographic, this ad is (rather obviously) for Hormel ham. Click image for inflating.

Hormel Ham, 1950

Deviled and chopped versions aside, doesn’t it actually look oh, so tasty? Tender, pink, rimmed in that moisture-trapping layer of fat glazed with brown sugar and studded with cloves. As far as I know, and as best as I can tell from the Hormel website (and the FDA as well), canned ham is really the same product as bone-in ham, without the mess of the bone. Who needs spiral slicing machines when your own kitchen knife can glide right through? Why have canned hams fallen out of favor? I think I’ll buy one next time I’m grocery shopping. Let’s bring back the canned ham!

Oh, and that little violator banner in the lower left? The one that mentions The Hormel Girls? Click here to hear them share a few words.

Mmmm, hammmm.

Take A Look-See: Can you guess the product?

Model Mother, Good Housekeeping magazine, March 1948

What could this 1948 photo be advertising? The beautiful dress? Perfume? Hair color? Here’s the headline (and subhead) of the ad.

What does it take to be a “Model” Mother? What Betty Brookfield has—two adorable youngsters, a lovely figure—and look at that smile!

Hmm, is the ad for a modeling school? Diet pills? Nope. Here’s the caption for the photo itself:

New note in Fashion Filmy, feathery lace cascades from head to hem in this dramatic gown Betty models for Harzfeld’s…

So, the ad is for Harzfeld’s department store! No, wrong again. Okay, okay, I’m teasing you. Below is the ad in its entirety. It’s for Ipana Tooth Paste!

Ipana Tooth Paste, Good Housekeeping magazine, March 1948

Ipana: Not a fan of the less-is-more school of advertising.