Monday Rounderp

Hey HEY hey, it’s Monday! We’ll start with our weekend update, then proceed with the upcoming week’s schedule (tentatively).

“Racing,” or in this case, “Hanging out in Bob’s roomy trailer while we wait for the thunderstorm to abate.” Note the ingenious use of the blower tray as a snack table.

Weekend In Review: Well, it was a rainy weekend in Great Bend, Kansas. Which is terrific for such an agricultural community currently suffering from severe drought, but not so great for drag racing. Still, both cars managed to squeeze out a few passes and when Pam Wamser won the weekend’s event in her (supercharged, of course) ’53 Studebaker Commander, she was shining enough for whatever sun we’d been missing. Everybody’s tent survived the weather, which was a big improvement over our last trip to Great Bend in which nearly everybody’s tent was broken and/or shredded by the relentless wind. However, the digger sustained some engine damage on one of Saturday’s passes and will need a going over this week to see if the guys can turn her around in time for next weekend’s race in Kearney, NE. Oh, and by the way, someone who had eaten a slice of Love Apple Cake without knowing its secret ingredient commented on its tastiness, in particular the filling! Take that, Daniel! 😀

Tuesday: In which I grapple with an idea which may have run its course.

Wednesday: Howzabout I show you how to make what we in my family refer to as a Jellofetti Cake? No baking required!

Thursday: I’ve been promising to design “hero cards” for the Reminiscin Racing team. Will I get them done before the last race of the season? Unpaid gigs tend to get back burnered. Let’s check on the progress today.

Friday: Pot luck. I have to gather my things so I can go sit on a baby (what, that’s not what I’m supposed to do?) and don’t have time right now to schedule something for Friday. Woo, could be exciting!

Take a Look-See: Premiere Post

While I certainly don’t have a library the size of MyVintageVogue, I do have a respectable stack of old magazines and what I love most about them usually isn’t the articles, but the ads! It’s about time I start sharing some with you guys. Let’s step into the WABAC machine and visit Montgomery Ward during the fall of 1952. (Click on images to see them larger)

Stealth Gray Pearl (rp24p)

Someone just drove by me in my identical (16 year old) car, down to the limited edition paint color. Even though I’d JUST stepped out of my own car, I caught myself looking at their license plate to be sure.


(Of course, their car hadn’t been repainted a random, newly-invented color by the shitheads at Maaco like mine was. Yes, I’m still bitter. And yes, I still mentally picture my own car in its original color. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been confused.)

(And holy smokes, I just realized that my car is old enough to get a drivers license. I mean, that is, well you know what I mean.)