all that and a bag of chips


$125 to replace the weatherstripping around my windshield, which, after 13 years of dedicated service, is peeling off. I called two different places, and the estimates were within a few dollars of each other. The glass is fine, doesn’t need replacing. But, for some reason, both repair places seem to think that they will need to remove the existing glass in order to fix the weatherstripping. Even if they put the original glass back. While I figure out what to do, I’ve been driving with it loose, flapping in the wind or clamped in the power window. LAME.

On Friday, a kindly neighbor (who parks next to me in our shared carport) tucked the warmed-in-the-heat-of-the-day, and now flexible, strip back into the channel.

It snaps into a channel? I’ve been trying to do that, but it kept fighting me. Hmmm…


$3.99 for a tube of Permatex Weatherstrip Cement from the local auto parts store. Add one toothpick for more accurate application. Plus two cotton balls and a small amount of 91% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the surfaces. Weatherstripping is now snapped AND GLUED into the channel. And I did it while wearing a dress, thankyouverymuch. The money I saved can pay for recharging my A/C system, which, I am pleased to say, runs R-134a refrigerant and not the old-style R-12. Woo, no converting! Maybe I should get one of those kits and refill it myself… after all, I’m feeling invincible.

sore and achey and cheap

SORE AND ACHEY: I was able to see a massage therapist on Tuesday, and she was great, but there is still residual neck pain. Add to that the muscle tensing involved in getting a new tattoo Tuesday night, as well as the lingering sting from being poked with needles 80-gazillion times, and you will understand why I’m so looking forward to, say, three days from now. By then, my neck should be healed, my muscles relaxed, and all that will remain will be the freshly itchy, healing skin. Woo. Party time. Big shout out to Nova for bravely baring her ankles to the tattoo artist’s gun. So brave, in fact, in spite of a last-minute swap of artists. Her appointment was originally with Dean, who was called away on an emergency, and Dan filled in (no pun intended) with no notice. Such an unexpected snag would have thrown me for a loop, but she took it in stride. Also, many thanks to Greg for chatting with me the whole time about art school and ’rods. Mostly ’rods. And a few spare thank-yous to Mike (no page link) for repeatedly referring to me as “Miss” instead of “Ma’am.” You are a gentlemen, sir.

CHEAP: A large car show that I mentioned in an earlier post is scheduled for this weekend. I was looking forward to it, until I found out that admission tickets cost $15 $17 dollars. SEVENTEEN doll-hairs. If that admission ticket is good for all three days (and it could very well take three days to admire the rumored 2,500 cars), then it’s not a bad deal. But for those of us who only have one day to spare, it’s a bit steep. Even if I can nose out a coupon, it will likely only knock off a couple of dollars. That show may be a no-go, yo.

Colorado fair season

GoodGuys Colorado Nationals (Loveland): May 30th – June 1st

Automezzi (Lakewood): June 1st

50th Anniversary Hot Rod Happenin’ (Morrison): June 8th

Old Town Car Show (Ft. Collins): June 14

Wild West Auto Roundup (Golden): June 14

Adams County Fair: July 30th – August 3rd (Demolition Derby on August 2nd)

Boulder County Fair: August 1st – 9th (Demolition Derby on August 1st)

Hotrod Ho-Down (Colorado Springs): August 9th

Carnation Festival Car Show (Wheat Ridge): August 16th

Colorado State Fair: Aug 22nd – Sept 1st (Demolition Derby on August 30th)

Wild West Auto Fest (Littleton): Sept 13th

Do you smell funnel cakes? I swear, I smell funnel cakes.