Advertuesday? I think that should be nominated for Worst Portmanteau, 2012. However, what we have here are (vintage) advertisements, and it is Tuesday. The only thing that any of these ads have in common is that they all appear in the May, 1948 issue of Woman’s Home Companion. And that the magazine is too big to fit on my scanner, so rather than scans these are instead hasty photos, complete with uneven lighting and occasional glare. I hope you enjoy the look back! (Click each image to make with the biggering.)

Bon Ami scouring powder, 1948. STILL hasn’t scratched yet!
A model smile on Mrs. Ralph (Nicki) Ellis, by Ipana toothpaste, 1948.
Battle “infectious dandruff” with Listerine Antiseptic, 1948
Promise of a lifetime sparkle from Oxydol, 1948. Just what is IN this stuff?
Trade box tops (and a penny) for a Quikut paring knife, from Spic and Span cleanser. 1948.
Skip the dishes! Until you get Dreft dishwashing soap, that is. 1948.
Wanda Hendrix’s winning smile is the result of Pepsodent toothpaste (ahem, “dental cream”), don’t you know? 1948.
Invitation to make “Hash Mounds” for lunch with Armour corned beef hash, 1948
If it’s lovely to wear…it’s worth Ivory Flakes care. 1948.

Monday Rounderp

Monday AFTERNOON rounderp. I had a busy morning today, and I can’t pre-write and schedule the Rounderp as I have to actually experience the weekend first!

Let’s see, how did this weekend pass? Friday evening was spent touring a house, closed upon that day, by some friends. They chose very well, as the house is a 1949 charmer with coved ceilings and lovely scalloped trim (and gold-flake Formica, be still my heart!) in the kitchen. It also fulfills perfectly their rather unusual “wants” list, including an oversized garage and no front yard. The house has a front yard, but it’s been expertly xeriscaped and will require only limited maintenance to keep some evergreen shrubbery in check. Many congratulations to them on their new home!

Breakfast with friends, errands, and a little therapeutic vintage shopping took up most of Saturday’s daylight hours. Even though I cannot fit a single stitch more on my garment rack of unlisted inventory, I couldn’t pass up the gold Lurex 2-piece outfit that I stumbled upon, so look for it to appear in the shop sooner or later. The condition isn’t up to my usual standard, but it’s still solid and I’ll sell it for a price that considers the wear and tear on it. Saturday night was spent listening to very good music, played from vinyl, at a friend’s house. There was a bit of a spatial conflict ’twixt a humorously flung LP and Woody’s face, but both sides survived to continue on for the rest of the night.

Sunday was the Broncos‘ first game of the season, and I really couldn’t possibly have cared less about it. However, I was plied with home-made cake and good company, so I whipped up a batch of my mom’s “Taco Salad” (not tacos, not really salad) and a snacky time was had.

I’ve been doing a bit of production and layout work over the last month or so for CooperHouse, and it’s been such a pleasure! Their design style is clean and crisp but still friendly and accessible, and I’ve admired for some time now their aesthetic in general. To be invited to work on some of their projects has been gratifying. To find them to be such professionals to work for and with is the icing on the proverbial cake. And I’m not sucking up, really. This is all the truth, and I thought what better way to tell them than publicly?

Now for the week’s tentative schedule:

TUESDAY – Scannin’ around. I have a growing collection of vintage magazines, and it’s not fair that only I get to view these advertisements and articles!

WEDNESDAY – Vintage Victuals! I don’t yet know what I’ll cook for you. Do you have any requests? I’m here to please! But get to requestin’, as I’ll have to do the cooking on Tuesday in order to write this post on time.

THURSDAY – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well, it is if you’re a crafter! We’ll dig into my STACK of vintage Christmas craft magazine to see what we see.

FRIDAY – Shoes and Pie Test Kitchen P0rn! I accidentally left out an item last time, and have since acquired something new (to the kitchen). Have a look!

Reminiscin’ Racing

Click to visit the site.

I promised your guys I’d put up some semblance of a web site for the race team, and I have, although I’m still missing copious amounts of content. Jim has a very well organized scrapbook of his racing career going back to 1968, but I’ve not yet gotten it from him to scan. Jim and Johnnie are both slacking (SLACKING, GUYS) about getting me their bio information. And so on. ::coughVIDEOcough::

Anyway, I don’t do web sites. Or websites, depending on your preference/age/involvement in the medium. The Reminiscin’ site is built in iWeb, which is limited, outdated, unsupported,  and the only program I’ve yet worked with that is dumbed down enough for my firmly-embedded-in-print mind. Let’s not even talk about the tears I was in during my first (and therefore last) day of Dreamweaver class. I was excited about Muse until I opened it up to start playing and went “Huh?” Right, so anyway. iWeb. Which means it’s best viewed in Chrome or Safari. When viewed in Firefox, a few drop shadows go wonky. I haven’t tested any other browser. I did this as a freebie, remember? You get what you pay for. 🙂

There are changes I still want to make. There may be more changes based on your suggestions. The site is most certainly not done, but at least it’s live. You can peek at it. So, like, go. Peek. Especially if you have any interest in blown alcohol front-engine dragsters. Which, really, you should. C’mon, you can’t deny how bitchin’ they are.*


*Unless you’ve ridden for 6 hours in an un-air-conditioned truck so you can “sleep” in a tent in a drought-ridden field approximately ¼ mile away from the busiest freight railroad tracks you’ve ever in your life encountered, then sweat all day and reek of DEET and pee in a stinky Portalet® just to watch your boyfriend on the track for all of 7 seconds at a time. In which case the “bitchin’” reverts to its other definition. 😉