Take a Look-See: Kil-Glare Diffusor

Ach, so many things on my plate! I go away for ONE weekend, and it takes me three days to catch up. I promise new listings in at least one of the shops today (probably Winkorama, as I’ve already done most of the work for those listings), and I’m desperately trying to finish up the new, improved splash page for tiddleywink.com. Yes, the same splash page I started working on back in August, and then stopped working on back in August! To entertain you in the interim…

You say diffusor, I say diffuser. Click image for embiggenating.

I bought this pair of light diffusers at an estate sale yesterday. There’s no date on the packaging, but the address of “Fluorescent Lighting Labs, Bronx 59, N.Y.” indicates that they were made between 1943 and 1963. On the other hand, the bullet lamp graphics already suggested that much. What I can tell you for sure is that I happen to use a twin bullet lamp on my office desk, and when viewed from just the wrong angle, the bulbs provide an unpleasant glare. These clip-on jobbies are the PERFECT solution, and I was thrilled to pick them up for a mere $1. If any more had been available, I’d have grabbed the lot of them. As advertised, it “Enhances Beauty of LAMP.” My lamp’s beauty; it is enhanced.

Take a Look-See: Premiere Post

While I certainly don’t have a library the size of MyVintageVogue, I do have a respectable stack of old magazines and what I love most about them usually isn’t the articles, but the ads! It’s about time I start sharing some with you guys. Let’s step into the WABAC machine and visit Montgomery Ward during the fall of 1952. (Click on images to see them larger)

Flinty Eyes

I am a graphic designer. I make what you see, from business cards to billboards. But more frequently, I am a production artist. I work on what you don’t see: Bleed/trim/live areas. Kerning. Leading. Line breaks. Color builds. Correct use of open or closed single quote marks. If you can spot my handiwork, that means I’m doing it wrong. To the untrained eye, it should be invisible.

I am a ninja.