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Sunday, February 26, 2006

a bummer of a movie 

Current mood:  disappointed


Well, I don’t atually know that. Because the movie that I very much wanted to see (Capturing the Friedmans) arrived with a big crack in the DVD, rendering it unplayable.Poo.


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Friday, February 24, 2006

happy things


Happy things that happened to me in the last 7 days:


My Font Savant ability was called into service on two occasions. In the first instance, I correctly identified the Mystery Font with barely a glance at the sample in question. In the second instance, I had to do a bit of digging and someone else actually came up with the answer; but I knew which online forum on which to post the problem. (It was Solid Ooky, by the way. I couldn’t possibly be expected to be acquainted with that one. It does still bother me that I can’t identify the very familiar font that Solid Ooky is a bastardization of, but I haven’t actually given it a whole lot of thought.)


I also managed to track down a Rights-Managed image that my employer has purchased in the past, but is no longer carried by our usual vendor. We knew the publisher, but not the new file name for a number of remaining vendors, and a search for “lotus” tends to come up with a large number of hits. I put my Super-Honed Keyword Skills into play, and found it within minutes.


And, I have potatoes in the oven right now. One of my most favoritest of all food groups, up there with Cake, Cheese, Whipped Products, and Marshmallows (which might otherwise fall into the Whipped Products category if it were not for the definitely un-fluffy Rice Krispie Treats). Oh, and Butter.


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Bollywood Hollywood 

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday’s score


Preheat oven to 350

Cut top off of pumpkin (sized to fit in your oven) and remove seeds & guts

Fill pumpkin 3/4 full with layers of:

    toasted rounds of French bread

    shredded gruyere (okay, I used Jarlsburg)

    mixture of 1 qt of broth and 2 cups of heavy cream

    salt, pepper, thyme

Put lid back on pumpkin, place on cookie sheet, bake for 2 hours. Remove from oven, carefully remove lid. Use a metal spoon to scrape the pumpkin flesh and incorporate into the soup. Serve.


Final score:1 burn from toaster (ring finger)1 cut from salsa jar (index finger; snacks while waiting for soup to bake)1 burn from cookie sheet (forearm)1 gi-normous quantity of very rich, very tasty soup


On another food note: the pulp left in my juicer after running a pineapple through it this morning looks like it would make excellent topping for ice cream, if I can keep myself from eating it as is.


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By Isobel Campbell 

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Friday, February 03, 2006

good friends


So let us all look past the point that the post office, generally lauded by me as the best government agency there is and a pretty durn efficient way of delivering a letter to somebody within 2-3 days and 39 cents is NOT too high a price to pay for it, just today delivered a Christmas card to me, postmarked December 20th.


And let’s review instead the fact that this lovely summary-of-the-year letter is so full of good thoughts and positive n
otes, but in a social and happy way, not some sappy or we’re-better-than-you way. AND that said friends can properly use “milieu” in a sentence. There are many reasons to be fond of this particular couple, but the use of milieu kind of sums it up.


And after the absolutely crazy week I’ve had, and the guarantee of enhanced craziness in the following weeks, it was perfect timing to hear from my pals.


Now I shall attempt to “wind down”, so I’ll be in the tub, wondering what the hell I’m supposed to DO in there, because it seems my “relax” feature is broken.


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Monday, January 23, 2006



So the other day, I’m at a store. I’m buying a pair of socks. The Cashier With The Phlegmy Cough pulls open the next available plastic shopping bag on her rack, and deposits the single pair of socks. I notice, and say “Oh, thanks, but I don’t need a bag. I can put them in my purse.” TCWTPC quickly removes the socks from the bag, puts them up on the counter for me, then REMOVES the apparently tainted bag from the rack, balls it up, and walks it over to the nearest TRASH BIN.


I do believe she missed the point.


Okay, we move on to Sunday. Under the effects of alien mind control, I walk over to the KFC across the street to buy an item called “Individual Popcorn Chicken”. This single serving of chicken bits is packed in a custom-designed, securely lidded box. For protective measure, and I suppose presentation, this box is then placed in a paper sack. Then, perhaps because the paper bag has no handles and the typical KFC customer cannot figure out how to carry it otherwise, this paper-bag-encased lidded box is placed into a plastic shopping bag.


I think the packaging weighed as much as the chicken.


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Saturday, January 07, 2006

coffee and donuts


Maybe it was the fact that it was pretty good coffee to begin with, but…


man, donuts and coffee are the shit.


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12 Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking 

By Wes Cunningham 

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Blog Archive: December 2005

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 

Cocoa Infusion


Well, actually, yes I did just have a nice mug of cocoa. But that’s not what this is about.


I have orange streaks in my hair. When they’re fresh, I refer to them as Road Hazard Orange, though the given name for the color is Copper Craze. However, I hadn’t touched them up in a few months, and they had faded to more of a Dirty Penny.


While some people give in to the irrepressible impulse to drop their ex-girlfriend’s underwear through the sunroof of said ex’s current flame’s Audi, I have irresistable urges to mess with my hair. So I decide to cover the orange, lest I do something wacky like get a haircut or something. I spent quite a bit of time in the haircolor aisle; though I am obviously not opposed to the “unnatural” look, I did want to cover the orange with something very closely resembling my natural hair color. I have dyed my hair, oh, let’s see, about a THOUSAND times in my life, so I’m pretty familiar with the difference between the photos on the box and the actual result on one’s head. It’s a mental leap that I make sure to account for. After much deliberation, I chose a nice, safe-sounding Medium Brown Cocoa Infusion. Not Dark, not Very Dark, not Black. Meeeedium.


What I wound up with is, in my opinion, Spent Espresso Grounds. A shade or two warmer than, say, Elvira. And while it’s a lovely color, it is NOT “medium” nor is it “cocoa”.


I hear that baking soda will help strip some of the intensity out.


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Thursday, December 08, 2005

damn fine dinner


Mixed baby greens (organic, of course Рon sale at Wild Oats, cost me about 40 cents) with diced avocado (on sale, 69 cents), diced persimmon (on sale, 69 cents), and lobster meat (imitation, BOGO) lightly saut̩ed in a smidge of butter Рdrizzled a little truffle oil (not on sale, now or ever, and damn expensive but worth every penny) over the top. Damn, it was good. Even if it was a mostly cold salad.


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