Welcome. Now leave.

Messy Stuff: My life is a bit upside-down right now. That’s all you need to know, but it’s why I’ve been generally absent from all of my usual online activities. And from a bunch of in-person stuff too. Now go away.

Oh, wait. I invited you here by writing this. Okay. Well, then. Umm…

One Thing: The catalog project that a friend and I have been contracted for is finally reaching the point where enough copy is written and photography is completed that the thing is starting to look darn good, if I may say so. Many-many-many thanks to my partner-slash-boss, who is so very skilled at Tetris-ing seemingly impossible demands into visually stimulating layouts. Also, we did three straight days of studio photography with about 300 babies/toddlers (okay, more like 19) and I didn’t break out in hives. Also, I learned that I am damn good at putting together flat-pack furniture. I suppose it comes from years of decorating my living spaces on a college student’s budget, which was all I had to work with even many years out of college. Perhaps my next tattoo should be of a set of Allen wrenches (hex keys to some of you).

Another Thing: I’m still toying with the idea of selling off my shop‘s inventory to any interested vintage vendors. Or of hoarding what I have, buying (with what money?) as much as I can get my hands on, and opening a brick-and-mortar location (also, with what money?). Which is 13 shades of crazy, but finding meaningful full-time employment working for someone else has been, let’s be generous and say: difficult. What I would love is to work at a vintage store, if it would pay enough to cover my living expenses. Which are pretty low, if I don’t maintain a savings account or 401k or, you know, eat.*

Also: I promise that I have more fun stuff to list in the shop as soon as I am no longer Trapped Under Something Heavy. Thank you for your patience, and let me know if you’re looking for anything specific. I may have it in my unlisted inventory, you never know. Well, you know when you ask.

And Then: I never intended to leave Twitter for so long, but I was surprised by how much I don’t miss it. I still plan to come back, but with a greatly thinned Follow list. As soon as I figure out how to do that, because I only follow accounts that I actually care about in the first place. Some of you need to shut the hell up a bit, though. A good copy writer once told me, “pretend every word costs a dime.” Which is a bit of advice that, if you read my blog posts (and you do, obviously, because you’re reading this) you know that I myself often ignore.

For Drewseph: Hi! Halloween is coming. Which means that Halloween Costuming Blog Posts are coming. Plotting is afoot, and a couple of preliminary purchases have been made, but that particular plan may be out the window already. Time will tell.

When All Of A Sudden: It is entirely likely that a certain red (mostly) headed friend will come over today to help me re-dye my horrifically ignored hair, which has been neither cut nor colored since my beloved Lacey worked her magic on me for Viva. Which, if you don’t recall, was the first weekend in April. Do the math. It’s not pretty.

Th-th-th-that’s all Folks. See you soon. Maybe.


*Cheese, I love cheese, rahhlly I do. And I love cheese that costs $24.99/lb. although I don’t BUY cheese that costs $24.99/lb. Not while I’m so precariously underemployed, I don’t.

This (was) Halloween


Present at the “The Future” themed Halloween party:

  • Ripley and Kane (Alien)
  • Obama Christ
  • Dr. Who
  • Axiom passenger (Wall•E)
  • Miss Galaxie 1959 (yeah, that was me)
  • Star Trek TOS and TNG
  • Terminators
  • Jayne, Inara, and the “Two by two, hands of blue” guys (Firefly)
  • Seth Gecko and Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Til Dawn)
  • OctoMummy and her archeologist
  • 2012, uh, “ascenders”
  • My New Bikini Body (STAR magazine cover)
  • Illegal Aliens (aliens in convict stripes)
  • Fortune teller
  • Robot vampires
  • Pigs In Space
  • Jessica 6 (Logan’s Run)
  • Zombie (only one!)
  • Jane Jetson
  • a few others, yeesh!

Snapshots taken by me, @jgamet, and @lesafumi are posted on my flickr page. Professional photos to come later. Also, stay tuned for photos from my current client’s office Halloween party, which was postponed due to snow and is being held this coming week!

Lack of a Cohesive Plot

Forgive me, Readers, it’s been a week-ishy since my last post. The Department of Labor sent the letter with their Official Determination, which makes it Official: My contract work wasn’t as a contractor, but as an employer. Oooooooookay. However, the Determination of Benefits letter was based on very obviously (to me) incorrect earnings for when I was working, so I have to file a correction and blah blah blah.

ANYWAY. I started an on-site contract with a new company this week, and so far, I absolutely love it. It’s immediately apparent that all of the folks in the department really care about each other, and everyone seems to truly enjoy their work. There is no grumbling or rolling eyes, and it feels great to be in such an environment! And, ohmigosh, the paperwork I need for each project is ALL FILLED OUT. Nobody takes a shortcut and assumes that the info isn’t necessary or that someone down the line will pick up the slack. Heavenly and efficient! The breakroom refrigerator is kept stocked with cream/half-and-half/soy creamer for the employees to use! REAL STUFF! Not CoffeeMate crap! Sometimes, it really is the little things that show an employer cares. And did I mention that they’re all nice to the New Girl? There’s talk of bringing me back for a few days in January, when a different person will be out on vacation. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for that! Yay!

I had three imperfect transactions on etsy all in the same day, which was odd, but two of them are already cleared up and I know the third will iron out soon. The first was no big deal: A person ordered an item, but the payment didn’t come through. I nudged the buyer to check his account, and yeah, there was a hiccup in the system. All taken care of now. The second was from a new-to-etsy customer who didn’t understand the shipping fees and wanted a refund of the “excess,” but once I explained how the charges are calculated, we came to mutually agreeable terms. The third was a person who was in a rush and very clearly laid out when and how I needed to ship her purchase, without first asking if it was possible to do it that way (it wasn’t). I’ll be checking the tracking number to see if her dress arrives in time, but there’s nothing I can do if it doesn’t. My fingers are crossed for that, too!

The fabric is all cut out for the more complicated part of my primary Halloween costume. There was a bit of a “d’oh!” moment when I cut one piece from the wrong fabric, but it turns out that I need that piece after all, so that’s a happy accident. However, I completely miscalculated yardage for the skirt, and had to buy all new fabric for that. Dang! At least I hadn’t yet cut the original fabric, so I can use that for some future project. Not sure what, exactly, but I’ll think of something. Probably a handbag. Or three. I found a pair of shoes on eBay for a DOLLAR (plus shipping) and I hope they fit and work with the costume. More finger-crossing!

Okay, kids. My coffee is done brewing, so time for me to pack my lunch, swing by Einstein’s for my Free Friday bagel, and hit the office. Enjoy the weekend!