Stealth Gray Pearl (rp24p)

Someone just drove by me in my identical (16 year old) car, down to the limited edition paint color. Even though I’d JUST stepped out of my own car, I caught myself looking at their license plate to be sure.


(Of course, their car hadn’t been repainted a random, newly-invented color by the shitheads at Maaco like mine was. Yes, I’m still bitter. And yes, I still mentally picture my own car in its original color. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been confused.)

(And holy smokes, I just realized that my car is old enough to get a drivers license. I mean, that is, well you know what I mean.)

Flinty Eyes

I am a graphic designer. I make what you see, from business cards to billboards. But more frequently, I am a production artist. I work on what you don’t see: Bleed/trim/live areas. Kerning. Leading. Line breaks. Color builds. Correct use of open or closed single quote marks. If you can spot my handiwork, that means I’m doing it wrong. To the untrained eye, it should be invisible.

I am a ninja.

Drill Down to the Heart of the Matter

Dice bracelets. I originally made them just for my own use, but someone said I should sell them, and so I started adding them to my Etsy shop in early ’08. I wound up bringing a pound or two of them with me to VLV10 for my gal-pals and I to mix and match with our wardrobes. They’re fun, and handy for covering up those vinyl wristbands which can mar an otherwise cool outfit.

My bracelets are made with real, new, game-play dice. Not casino dice, which are not only expensive but also bigger, heavier, and have very sharp edges. Those edges aren’t something you pay attention to until you want to wear them for a few hours. I specifically buy dice with rounded edges because of their contact with delicate wrists. And I drill each and every single die myself with a corded drill. One. At. A. Time. It’s a tedious process, and being “off” with my pressure can break or, more commonly, chip the dice. But the most frequent issue that I run into, as shown above, is that my drill bits heat up enough to melt the acrylic content of the dice, and seize within the confines. There is no way to get a seized drill bit out, save for application of a hammer. It wastes a heckuva lot of time, not to mention the dice that are murdered for the cause.

I’ve conferred with The Guys At The Hardware Store about ways around this unique problem. I’ve tried bits made from different compounds, I’ve tried dipping the bit in cold water between each pass, I’ve tried drilling slower and faster and upside-down and sideways (no, not really). Drill: seize. Drill: seize. Drill: seize. After a few years of this, I am, as the kids say, Over It. I do not make enough money on these bracelets to outweigh the loss of materials, let alone the manual labor.

I’ll leave any existing listings in the shop until they sell, but they will not be replaced. I’m keeping my supplies on hand for special requests or for other projects that may come up, such as Chop’s occasional solicitations for “danglies” for his custom bikes. However if you’ve been thinking about getting one or two but can’t decide on colors, now would be the time to act. I’ve already started letting some listings expire, so if there’s a color combo you want but don’t see, don’t hesitate to ask. I may very well still have it available.