The Town That Fun Built

An old Jersey friend (that is, I’ve known her for a long time, not that she’s old!) shared this vintage promotional video today. Seaside Heights was a day trip for me growing up, and I used to go down a couple of times every summer. I spent HOURS in Lucky’s Arcade, without ever knowing that it had such history! After all these years, only two mementos remain from my days on the boardwalk: a Lucky Coin (perhaps two, but I can’t currently find PROM 88 DEWD), and the uppermost piercing in my left ear. Also, the memory of my friend Kim looking at me at the top of the log flume and saying, “Your hair DOES look better when it’s wet!” Good times, good times.

Note: this little film is 16 minutes long! However, it’s totally worth watching if you enjoy amusement parks, or the shore, or boardwalks, or hyperbolical marketing videos, or 1960.

Hats (comma) vintage

Yes indeed, Marge hit upon Friday’s teaser. Hats! Vintage hats! Vintage hats that I don’t have an appropriate hairstyle for, and therefore never wear! A horrible waste of loveliness! At least they look good on my small collection of Styrofoam heads. Note for future gifting occasions: I can always use more heads. I will someday encircle a room with a shelf that runs near ceiling height, stocked entirely with bewigged and behatted heads. Some people may find that creepy, but those people are unlikely to be my friends.

Click on the photo for more.

Orange straw bucket
Orange straw bucket


I know, I still owe you kids the final post about my trip to Boston, with links and pictures (with circles
and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was). But you see, I didn’t realize that I’d taken 400 photographs, and I only got through my first edit on Wednesday night.

Instead, here’s an interview that I did with Sabrina, the charming blonde mannequin over at Holly Gab (the blog arm of Lucite Box Vintage). I took the photos myself, and in a terrible rush, so they’re not, how do you say, “good.” On the other hand, I don’t have fancy lighting equipment and I didn’t want to drag everything to the level of my studio lights, so… deal with it. 🙂

Now, does anyone know how to clean white canvas espadrilles?