Eddy, the mascot of the American Water Works Association, is a hit with its members. I started creating parody Eddy graphics as ad placeholders for internal use only, and the project eventually morphed into some of AWWA’s most popular social media posts.

For a conference held in Philadelphia,

for a conference held in Las Vegas,

as well as a conference held in Chicago,

for holidays including Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Canada Day,

and for special occasions like the 2017 solar eclipse, National Coffee Day, or the Winter Olympics.

Chill in Denver

Client: American Water Works Association

Social media teaser graphic for AWWA’s annual conference and exhibition, held in a different city every June. In 2019, that city was Denver.

USGS Water Stats

Client: American Water Works Association

An infographic for the redesigned DrinkTap.org site.