Much better this time!


I finished up Simplicity 5259, attempt number two, and it’s perfect. Well, as perfect as this novice can get it. So good, in fact, that I actually disassembled a  vintage skirt I’ve had hanging in my closet, so I can tweak its shape to better fit me. This may not mean much to some folks, but I have the tendency to treat my vintage pieces like sacred goods. Which is completely stupid, because it means that I have a lot of goodies that I can’t wear, either because they’re too big, or, in the rare case of this skirt, they were just an unflattering cut in the first place. (I should note: I’m not in the habit of buying ugly clothes just because they’re vintage. This skirt is the bottom half of a suit that has a darling jacket.)

Now that I feel like I have this pattern under control, I’m excited to rebuild this old skirt. We Have The Technology. 🙂

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